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Winemaking Services

Winemaking Services

PWG offers Co-Packing and “grape to bottle” services including but not limited to crush and pressing, fermenting, barrel aging, bottling, Méthode Champenoise riddling and disgorging, and compliance.

Services are available to custom crush clients, alternating proprietorships, existing wineries and importers. Northeast wineries sourcing North Fork of Long Island fruit may wish to ferment rather than move unstable fruit during harvest. Or those that have exceeded their own production capacity may look to utilize our equipment and space.

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Bottling, Kegging, Canning, Bag-in-Box Co-Packing Services

Co-Packing (Bottling, Kegging, Canning, Bag-in-Box)

PWG is a state-of-the-art co-packing facility capable of sourcing raw materials, bottling, labeling, and packaging products according to the most demanding winemaker or distillery specifications. We have the capabilities and co-packing expertise to service everyone from boutique wineries and distilleries to large-scale beverage brands.

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Still Wine Production Services

Still Wine Production

PWG offers a range of still wine production services for winemakers. From grape selection to fermentation, aging, and bottling, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver exceptional wines to both small-scale boutique winemakers and large commercial producers.

Hard Seltzers & Alcoholic Beverage Co-Packing Services

Private Labeling

PWG private labeling services deliver turn-key production and distribution solutions to anyone seeking to leverage our winemaking expertise to create or grow there own unique a wine brand. Private labeling enables brands or individuals to enter the market quickly with a product crafted by winemaking professionals.

Winemaking Lab Services

Lab Services

The PWG lab provides a variety of services to winemakers, vineyards and wineries including grape analysis, fermentation monitoring, yeast analysis, barrel analysis, sensory analysis, wine testing and blending. Our expertise and state-of-the-art facility can help winemakers monitor and improve their processes and product.

Winemaking Dry Goods Sourcing

Dry Goods Sourcing

PWG can assist in the selection and procurement of all materials required to prepare your wine for distribution, including corks, bottles, labels, capsules, and closures. Dry goods sourcing requires a thorough understanding of material quality and the ability to navigate the supply chain to anticipate and manage shortages and price fluctuations.

Bulk Fruit and Wine Sales and Brokering

Fruit/Bulk Selling

Purchase bulk fruit and wine from our current inventory or list excess for sale through PWG. Bottle ready wine may be purchased/sold by the gallon, or bottled and purchased/sold by the case. Our current inventory includes thousands of gallons and over a dozen varietals.

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Winemaking Consulting Services


Work with our expert winemakers and facility managers to improve product quality or streamline your production and distribution processes. Whether you are launching a new wine or are a generations old vineyard or winery, PWG can help design or optimize your winemaking operations.

Wine Production Compliance Services


Wineries and distributors face an array of federal and state regulations governing everything from grape growing, production, labeling, packaging, import/export and distribution. Compliance is a critical aspect of the business with failures resulting in fines or reputational damage. PWG can help navigate regulatory compliance throughout all stages of wine production and distribution.